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How to shop online at Prima Plastik ?

Report Cover, Diploma Cover, Graduade Cover, Land Certificate Cover, Notary file Cover / Notary Odner, Other Multipurpose Cover, Ticket Wallet, Passport Wallet, Luggage Tag, Mica Plastic Wallet, Plastic Book Cover, Cover Report Card, Wallet Vehicle Service, Multipurpose Mica Pouch, Mica Plastic Cover For Vehicle Letters, Mica Id Card Plastic Bags, Mica Bed Cover Plastic Bags, Mica Bed Cover Plastic Bags, Mica Bed Sheet Plastic Bag, Mica Plastic Bags For School Fees, Mica Insurance Plastic Bags, Mica Tooling Plastic Bags, Mica Plastic Bags For Promotion, Mica Plastic Bags Use a Zipper Cover, Cover Of Patient Books, Agenda Cover (Press & Sewing), Catalog Cover, Vehicle Cover Letter, Identity Card Cover, Shopping Bag, Apron, Hangers For Product Promotion, and many other products are available in various sizes that can be tailored to your needs.

Immediately consult your needs by coming directly to our office or contact us at telephone numbers 021- 4288-1222, 021-4287-7173 and 081295239988 (can whatsapp).

"Prima Plastik Always READY TO HELP YOU"

Why is the shipping cost for PRE ORDER Products not immediately available such as Ready Stock Produc

This is because Pre Order products have specifications that can be adjusted to the wishes of consumers.

The specifications in question, for example, include the addition of bag contents, wind foam, elbow brackets, buttons and other accessories.

Each addition item has a different weight.

Prima Plastik also aims to provide shipping solutions / options for shipping services at a friendly price.

"We recommend that you first read and understand the Purchase Method and Terms and Conditions on the pages that have been provided, before making the purchase process at Prima Plastik"

How do I know the stages of my order process?

Select the "Track Order" menu and enter your order ID number

Prima Plastic Operating Hours

Operational Hours Prima Plastik Office :

  • Monday - Saturday 08:00 s/d 17:00 Wib

For Purchase Online at :

  • Monday - Friday 08:00 s/d 17:00 Wib

  • Purchases or reservations outside the operational hours we will process the next day on the day and work hours



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